About Tony Sharpe and Technigrafix

Tony sharpeTechnigrafix has developed from my life-long interest and experience in graphics, technical documentation and animation, running alongside my degree and career in electronic engineering and aircraft ground test equipment.

Following four years working on military control systems, the majority of my career has been spent working with precision pressure measurement and control systems; in particular Air Data Test Sets (ADTS) used for the calibration of aircraft flight instruments such as altimeters, airspeed indicators and air data computers, which all work by measuring air pressures around the aircraft. Working as department manager and design lead for these high tech instruments, the company’s Air Data Test Sets became the world leading products used by commercial and military aircraft manufacturers, maintainers and operators, including the majority of the US armed forces. With achievable accuracies of 30 parts per million (ppm), high precision was a part of every day life.

The role involved me in presentation work both internally and to customers, preparation of user and maintenance manuals to commercial and military specification, flow chart fault finding with integrated logistics support (ILS), maintenance training presentations and workshops for commercial and military service technicians. Many animated PowerPoint presentations were used to support this work with early versions of PowerPoint being stretched to the limit to achieve what is now more easily achievable in current versions.

During my career I’ve worked directly with analogue, digital and microprocessor electronics, software in machine code, assembler and various high level languages, system design, serial and parallel buses and aircraft interfaces, precision pressure and humidity systems, control systems, pneumatic systems, graphic displays and EMC and environmental compatibility to exacting military standards.

For the last 7 years I've been pursuing my interest and ability in graphics, technical documentation and animation, working for various companies around the world.  My technical abilities play a considerable role in this work as I can relate to and understand the design content, intelligently and selectively extract content from customer supplied documents, ask appropriate questions when required, maintain consistency within documents and generally support the customer rather than having to be spoon fed every detail. My experience also supports the behind the scenes technical aspects of writing custom software for web sites or Flash animations.

Alongside this work I've also been associated still with Air Data Test Sets by providing technical support, producing datasheets and web sites and assisting with technical manuals.