Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

For many people there is a requirement to have their web site found by search engines. Unless the content is very unique, this requires the site to be Search Engine Optimised (SEO). There are four key areas to this, the human readable text content, the (appropriate and justified) behind the scenes text, the quantity/quality of inbound links and a site design that allows search engines ready access to the content. SEO results follow on directly from the process of enhancing the pages for the human reader. Only approved, so called 'white hat', techniques are used for optimisation by Technigrafix. However well the site content is optimised, the number of high quality links pointing to the site will have a significant effect on search results. This means, amongst other things, links coming from relevant and related sites, not from so called 'link farms'.

Where there is a large amount of competition it is much more difficult to optimise for more generic keywords such as "widgets" but if you focus different pages on different more specific keyword phrases such as "High pressure widgets" then the people that find those pages are going to be more targeted and more likely to convert to a sale. There is never any guarantee of first page or top 5 results but good search optimisation with well chosen keywords and phrases gives you the best possible chance.


The following examples give a few instances of results after optimisation by Technigrafix. Like any process involving statistics, the results depend on which examples I give you but the examples used are all from the required list of important keyword phrases for the site in question.

DMA-Aero are an Italian company manufacturing aircraft test equipment called Air Data Test Sets, for sale around the world. I produced a site for them many years ago. They were not listing on Google searches until the site was optimised. They now list no.1 for "Air Data Test Set" or "Air Data Test System" on a full web search. This is against significant competition, some from much bigger companies, including the world market leader. They also rank in the top few results for many other terms (keywords) that are important to them as well as ranking very highly on other search engines.

Mike Wood Sailing was a site produced and optimised in early 2008. Mike is a young sailor who sails "Topper" and "29er" type sailing dinghies, which are both very common. He offers sailing coaching, also very common. He's currently 1st in searches for "Mike 29er" and "29er coaching" and 3rd for "Topper sailing coaching" or "Topper sail coaching". These are very generic terms with huge competition and these results appear for both UK and whole web searches.

Catalyst Logistics and LogiMap are two related sites in the process of being optimised, in a highly competitive area of logistics consultancy and network modelling and mapping tools. Before optimisation the sites were not appearing in the top 50 search results but are now appearing on the first page (top 10) of results for terms such as "logistics network consultancy", "logistics network planning", "logistics network mapping", "logistics modelling tools",  and many other terms.