Web design

Whilst available for all types of web sites from single page personal sites to larger corporate sites, as an experienced professional design engineer I specialise in technical content and technical behind the scenes design.

Once you have a web site it needs to be found by people searching on search engines such as Google which requires the site to be Search Engine Optimised (SEO). My usual philosophy with web design is to create standard html/xhtml sites rather than flash based sites. In this way the sites are search engine optimised particularly when text rich. The sites are then enhanced as required by images, javascript, Flash animations and other design features.

For many applications, whether or not the client needs to be able to update web content themselves, a Content Management System (CMS) is the best approach. For content managed sites I mainly work with Drupal which is an award winning and flexible CMS. I have also worked with Joomla and VirtueMart e-commerce system. Simple sites not requiring client based update may also be created in Dreamweaver without the benefit of a CMS and the underlying database. When a CMS is used, customised data entry forms can be provided to the client for recurring items, for example products or events. This allows the client to maintain the site themselves, if that is their wish, without having to understand website construction. See the examples below.

As well as the creation of new sites, part of the professional service I offer includes the maintenance of existing sites, either under their current configuration and hosting or by moving them over into Drupal and Technigrafix web hosting. Further information on web hosting.


The examples below include some screen shots of the CMS input forms created for the client to use to maintain the site. The STS example shows the form for adding/editing a sensor. The data from the form is used for both short form display and full product display. The sensor will appear in the product and application categories according to the boxes checked on the form. Once the client has completed the simple form, the rest happens automatically thereby reducing the skill level required to maintain the site. The Mike Wood Sailing example shows the data entry form for events and results. If a result has been entered, the event appears on the results page and in the results summary block, if not it appears on the event page and in the events summary block. The events are automatically sorted in date order and links are included in the listing according to how they are entered on the form. The Talyllyn Railway site is an example of a large and complex site created using Drupal with the addition of custom modules and PHP design. The Lark and Larks e-commerce site is a large and complex site selling many thousands of products, many with a wide range of customisable options. The Brand Extensions Russia site is an example of a full bi-lingual site.

Web sites

LogiMap logistics modelling tool from Catalyst Logistics

LogiMap logistics modelling tool from Catalyst Logistics - Supply Chain Consultants

STS Sensors - follow USA path

STS Pressure Sensors - Follow the 'Americas' path





Data entry pages for client use on Content Management System (CMS)


Example client data entry page on content management system (CMS) (drag to see more of it)

Product entry form

Example of event and results data entry form on CMS - see how it relates to entry in Results panel on right

Event and results entry form